Time Freedom–How to Make Time Work for You

Have you ever felt like you were on a treadmill? 

Always moving, but getting nowhere? Or you have so many things to do that you can’t seem to get it all done?

If that is you, then read on. Because I’m going to share some great time hacks to help you become the master of you time, and not it’s slave!

Be in control of your time.

Time Hack #1: Keep a journal of how you spend your time.

The first step to time management is discover how you are really spending your time. When people want to lose weight, they keep a food diary. This helps them see what they are eating, how many calories they are actually consuming. In the same way, we often don’t realize the small ways we procrastinate or how much time the project is really taking! A journal will help you see what you are really doing, so you can start to make corrections.

Time Hack #2: Before Monday arrives, write down all your appointments for the week.

Have you ever forgotten an appointment? I have. It is so frustrating!! Suddenly I have to shift my plan to hurry up and put something together because I hadn’t planned properly. Writing all you appointments for a week on one sheet of paper can help you see if you are leaving enough time for preparation, or if you need to reschedule an appointment. Either way, you can be more in control of your schedule, and less driven by it!

Time Hack #3: Prioritize your activities.

Prioritize your list!

Our days are often filled with interruptions. These interruptions, in turn, can derail the whole day! Part of time management is accepting interruptions and managing them. When you prioritize your activity at the beginning of the day, you can ensure that at least 1 priority activity toward your goal is accomplished, in spite of what your day may bring.

Time Hack #4: Stay focused on the task as hand.

More time is wasted thinking about something else you should be doing instead of paying attention to what you are doing right now. To help me stay on task, I have a timer running in the background so that I know I can move onto something else when the timer goes off. This helps me stay focused, and not worry about everything else on my list.


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