12 Invisible Selling

If I could teach you about one technique that could help you get under the radar of your client, prepare them to enjoy the benefits of your service or product before you ask for the order, what would you say? Would that be worth a little time for you?

In martial arts training, black belts study ways to lower opponent’s guard in sparring in order to score points. Likewise, in sales, we want lower our prospect’s sales resistance by finding a way to help our prospect enjoy the benefits of our product or service before we ask for the order. The way to do it is through story telling!

Story telling is one of the most powerful techniques that sales masters use to influence their prospects to buy. Using stories, these experts paint a picture in the mind of the prospect of how they will enjoy the product. Stories can also illustrate the pain or regret past customers experienced by not buying the product. Either way, the customer is already experiencing the benefit or consequence before even buying, and this is a powerful motivator to move forward!

Here are just two benefits stories provide you when you are with a prospect:

  • Stories act as invisible selling.A well crafted story involves the client emotionally. The prospect begins to experience the benefit of your product or service before you begin your close! And once they feel themselves “owning” the benefit, it is hard for them to say no to themselves.
  • Stories suspend time.Stories engage your prospect at a subconscious level, so that they enjoy spending a little more time with you. Just like watching a good movie, stories can make the time fly by, helping to build trust and rapport.

There are more benefits to storytelling than what I’ve listed here. Plus there is a way to build a story that keeps the listener engaged!