3 Greatest Hacks To Turn Leads into Hot Prospects

So your killer opt in page worked! You have more leads than you know what to do with. Now what?

Consider this question: How many of those leads will buy from you right now? Right now you might be staring at your screen thinking, “Are you crazy? I want all of them to buy right now!” Truthfully, though, if you give this some serious thought, you know that only a small fraction purchase on the spot. The actual number is 3%. You read that correctly, 3%. That means you have 97% of leads who will potentially buy from you in the future. That’s good news!! So how do you convert the 97% into buyers? That’s what this blogpost is all about!

Here are 3 hacks for you to convert leads into hot prospects.

1. Follow up with your prospects using a variety of media. A car salesman once told me, “I want to stay on your radar, but off your back.” Most salespeople and business owners are afraid follow up with clients because they don’t want to pester their prospects. The fact is we live in a busy world. What isn’t a need today may be a need tomorrow. You can keep in touch with the 97% through an effective drip campaign to educate your prospects about the value you bring. In effect, you are staying on their radar. When the need arises, you are set up as the expert they can go to to solve their problem.

2. Create value to demand a higher price.Consumers today are looking for solutions to problems they have. To be able to command a higher price, you must show the value you provide in the marketplace that distinguishes you from your competitors. In my housing business, I provide fully furnished apartments for those who are looking for accommodations other than a hotel. We handle all the details for our clients in setting up and vacating an apartment so they can move in with a suitcase and leave without a care. No one else in our market does that with a personal touch. That is our distinction. Consider what distinguishes you from your competition, and use your drip campaign to educate your client on the unique way you give value.

3. NEVER Sell to your prospects.What? Are you crazy, Anna? I thought this was about selling! It is! But people want to buy, not be sold. When new students start in a dojo, they often miss their target by turning their body or overreaching with a punch. They believe that the overreach gives them power, but it only makes them more vulnerable to attack. And going after a target head on is not always the best strategy to win a fight. In the same manner, a drip campaign educates the client on the added value you bring to the marketplace. Through regular communication about your distinctive value, when they need your help, they will reach out to you!

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