Make a moment for your ideal client.

COVID-19! Who could imagine that something smaller than a human cell would change the way the world does business. Almost overnight! Before the pandemic, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook were part of our arsenal to reach our ideal client, but networking at the coffee shop and in person meetings were considered more valuable for getting in front of potential customers and having a sales conversation. Now facemasks, social distancing and sheltering in place prohibit business as usual. Social media has risen to the top of ways to network with the people we want to reach. But how do we get the people in our Twitter feed to notice us, let alone engage with us? Twitter Moments can do just that!

Let’s face it. We are in a whole new reality. Our followers are asking questions and looking for solutions in ways they have never had to consider before. You can provide those answers! A powerful way to find those people who need the solutions you provide is to become the expert who provides the answers they are looking for. But first, how do you find the questions they are asking? You may be thinking, “Have you looked at my Twitter feed? It moves so fast, and finding the right people can be hard!” That is true, so consider this your first step

Content marketing is more important than ever! Twitter provides a plethora of information in your feed to get the attention of your customers and influencers.

That’s where Twitter moments come in. Let’s break down how Twitter Moments can become an important tool in your sales tool box to reach the people you are called to serve.

What is a Twitter Moment? 

A moment is simply curated stories about what's happening around the world—powered by Tweets. All you need is a title, related tweets, and a cover image. Whatever the topic is, find tweets you want to include in your moment, and you can now send that curated information to your followers. There are all kinds of creative ways to use moments to provide value to your audience and generate leads for your business.

Become the go-to-expert in your field.

Curate your followers into lists based on their interests or needs. If you are in the health and wellness field, do a search for people asking about your specialty. Perhaps you teach yoga. In the search bar, type “anyone recommend yoga”. Make sure to use the quotation marks. Start to engage those folks by answering their questions. Make a spreadsheet of the questions they ask in the feed. And add them to your yoga list! Doing so allows you to zero in on what they are talking about instead of trying to sort through the noise of your Twitter feed. Start to like and reply to their tweets. Ask questions and run polls to find out what questions they are asking themselves. With this information, you can search for content to include in a moment. The tweets can be some of your own tweets and that of other experts in your industry. Address the problems your ideal client is facing by giving them the information they are looking for in one place!

Tag people in your moments

Twitter will automatically notify the people whose tweets you have included in your moment. This is a fantastic tool to get into feeds of influencers and your followers! You can include the tweets of your followers and influencers in your moment. They get a notification that they were included in your Twitter Moment. And you provide value on 2 fronts. First there is value to client. As I mentioned earlier. You become the person they can trust to answer their questions. Second, you provide value to the influencer. Your moment acknowledges their expertise and puts them in front of your followers, giving them more exposure. Win/win all around!

Last but not least, if an influencer likes and retweets your moment, you just got exposure to all their followers. You’ve just gotten more exposure for your business, simply by including the influencer’s tweets in your moment.

You create a moment about how to manage your time working from home. You find tweets from experts in time management and self care to include in your moment. You can even use a couple of hashtags to enter the flow of conversation about staying sane while working from home. When you have published the moment, people are notified that you included their tweets in your moment. Now what?

Use the information in a blog or video

Now that you have this information for people, you can create a blog post addressing the challenges your followers are having. Here is a list of ways to repurpose the information

  • Post it to all your social media
  • Send it in a newsletter
  • Make a video about what you learned
  • Create a free download with steps to address their problem.

Now this is all well and good, you may be thinking, but how do I get folks out of my feed and into a conversation? Great question! I’m glad you asked!

Start a Conversation

Just like everything else, begin to cultivate a relationship with your followers who are engaging with your tweets. Reply to their comments. Once you create some ongoing conversation in your feed, reach out by DM and build your relationship further there. Since they are talking to you about a topic you curated (based on their tweets) you could offer the free download you created from the moment. That gets them on your mailing list, and now you can reach out to them and market to them. Better yet, invite them to virtual coffee, and have more conversation there.

Not confident about how to convert them to a customer? No problem. Let’s have a conversation about that! I call it a Sales Breakthrough Session. We’ll talk about your biggest obstacle to making more money, how to overcome it and what is your fastest way to cash. Get on my calendar now.