The Key to Success: Believing is Seeing!

Have you ever heard the saying, “Seeing is believing?” 

You probably heard it or said it yourself when someone made a promise they couldn’t keep. Or someone was declaring an event would happen that didn’t.

While that may sound good, the truth of the matter is that if you can’t visualize what you are working toward, chances are you will not realize your goal as easily. When I was preparing for my first black belt, I began to see myself as already having the black belt.

In this quick video, I share the value of visualization in realizing success.

Quick tips:

Visualization is powerful when you think about your goal as already having happened. Feel the feelings you would have if your goal was a reality. The more powerful the feelings, the more vivid the visualization.

Be as detailed as possible in your visualization. By envisioning every detail, you will give more impetus to your vision, helping you create action steps to realize your dream.

When you are heading into a sales conversation, visualizing a positive outcome will create confidence. During the conversation with the customer, you will more naturally lead the customer in a mutually beneficial decision. Keep in mind that when 2 people meet, the more confident person will influence the other person.

Comment below and let me know how visualization works for you!